Our Canine Family

Thank you for your interest in our canine family. We take pictures of our French Bulldog pictures often because we enjoy their beauty and watching them develop into well balanced adults with structure you can appreciated.



Rocco is a two year old  blue brindle and sable stud. He is very affectionate and loyal to his family.

Screenshot_20200613-100351_Gallery (1).jpg


Lyric is a two year old Blue Fawn Pied. She is loves people and has been described as a social butterfly by our veterinarian.



Ginger is Lyric's daughter. She is also a social butterfly, in addition to being brave, curious, playful, and clownish in her antics. Her vet also agrees with our assessment of her personality!

March 2021 Litter

Our past litter was sired by Lyric and Rocco. This litter met our expectations as far has structure, health, and personality!

Ginger at Play 4 months.jpg

Future Litter (Fall/Winter)

We are in the preparation stagesof breeding our Fall/Winter litter between Lyric and Wynston (Owner Mark Loeppky out of Canada).

Wynston of New Horizon Frenchies.jpg

Please email us for more information   lyricsfrenchbulliesllc@gmail.com