As the weather begins to cool, many of us are taking our bat eared friends with us to enjoy the weather, hanging out, to partake in safe exercise, and play. Select the right harness is a big part of those plans in order to keep our companions safe will doing so!

My Rocco, pictured to the left (see: link below image to purchase), often uses a harness and lead when he is going on walks and exploring. Other may take their canine companions on excursions with either a collar, a collar with harness, or just a harness; I prefer the later two, with a preference of use the collar as an accessory and for identification purposes only and

would suggest anyone buying one of our puppies to do the same. French Bulldogs have flat faces, narrow nostrils, and soft palate, hence the use of a harness and lead reduces any discomfort they may experience on walks as a result of structural characteristics associated with the breed. They are also great for helping disabled French Bulldogs, if they have a handle on the top as seen in the image above. Selecting the right harness can be challenging if not confusing with names such as back clip harness, duel clip harness, side clip harness, and rehabilitation harnesses out in the market, however, we are here to help!

I like to have it all, so when selecting a harness for my French Bulldogs I like to have as little chest and neck restriction as possible, duel metal side locks last longer than the plastic clasp,a frong and back clip to attach your lead, and the rehabilitation handle on the top to get my French Bulldogs in my truck. My go to harness being made by Kurgo Dog (see link), it gives me a little of all the features seen on many of the harnesses on the market. I enjoy taking picture of Rocco, so this harness allows a really nice view of his structure for photographs!

In deciding what is the best harness for your dog you should consider their personality, in addition to their health.

1. If you have a naturally calm or trained dog a back clip harness is best.

2. If you have a puller, then a front clip harness is best. This will require you to have a shorter lead to prevent both you and your canine companion from getting hurt on walks.

3. If you have a large and/or powerful breed of dog, I would suggest that two leases and a harness with two clips (Front & Back) for maximum control.

4. If your French Dog is older, disabled, or just plan short to get in your truck as most Frenchies are, then a rehabilitation harness is useful. This selection is commonly used for dogs that are either of old age or recovering from an injury such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, or recent surgery.

Which fabric should I choose?

1. A padded harness can be more expensive but provides extra comfort for your Frenchie (HappyFrenchieBulldog, n.d.). With this in mind, ensure that the padding does not come to high as to cover the neck.

2. A Nylon harnesses is easier to adjust and last longer.

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