Stud Contract





What makes us Lyric's French Bullies LLC a unique business is that we are a small family owned business.This allows us to focus on providing our studs and dams with the best healthcare, fitness, diet,and emotional need unique to each of them and ultimately any puppies they may produce  within our program. We try to do our best to ensure you are successful by selecting a veterinarian practice experienced in canine reproduction.


Our stud visits a licensed veterinary practice  specializing in reproductive services in order have the semen professionally extracted and delivered to buyers.The use of a veterinary practice ensures that the sire is receiving professional care and that the buyer of the semen receives a product of quality to improve the likelihood of conception. Prior to extraction our studs will have tested negative for brucellosis, a current rabies vaccination, a negative heart-worm  and tick borne illness test, and  updated distemper/parvovirus vaccination (passes passive immunity to puppies) completed.



Our stud services include:


Extraction from mature canine (ensures that extraction produces sufficient semen to fertilize each egg produced by female)


Collection and Extension  of frozen semen service


Semen Longevity Testing


Veterinarian to Veterinarian shipment


If you are interested in contracting our services, please visit our stud and collection policy page for pricing, policy, and contract details.





We hope to hear from you soon!